SJAM Garden

Categories: School Gardens

Name: SJAM Garden
Description: “The SJAM garden is accessible by the public and consists of six “”learning”” garden beds, three in the lower play yard and three beside the upper parking lot. The produce is incorporated in a food awareness program titled “”Good Food First”” (an EAC initiative), held after school for grade 4 students at no cost. There are often independent class room activities, such as seed planting, learning plant growth systems, and vermiculture which use the gardens as teaching/learning sites.
We welcome involvement from local members of the community who would like to volunteer.”
Located: St. Joseph A McKay School
5389 Russell St.
B3K 1W8
Gardener Responsibilities: Gardeners are responsible for the ongoing maintenance of all of the beds, on a weekly schedule. It would also be helpful to have several people as part of the garden committee of the Home and School Association.
Established: 2010
Open to the Public : yes

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