Farmer Training

Urban Farms are great environments for learning. Farmer Training at Common Roots Urban Farm and Spryfield Urban Farm provides opportunities for hands-on engagement with agriculture in an urban setting. At Common Roots Urban Farm new Canadians adapt their farming skill sets and at Spryfield Urban Farm, individuals build their skills through workshops

Common Roots Urban Farm is a gathering space for many different individuals. It is a place for sharing, learning and practising new skills.

The Deep Roots program gives new Canadians knowledge and techniques to adapt their existing farming skills to suit the Canadian climate.

By providing a public space to grow, Common Roots influences food knowledge in the surrounding community and shows the volume and diversity of what can be grown in the city.

Whether you have a garden plot or not, there are many avenues for learning at Spryfield Urban Farm. The farm teaches garden skills through workshops and volunteering; focusing on developing skills to build a stronger community.

[Urban farming is...] Being creative with the space you have, and being the most productive, nutritious and healthy with it.

—Mhari , Garden Coordinator, Spryfield Urban Farm

We may not be together at the same kitchen table, but we are together in the garden.

— Mhari, Garden Coordinator, Spryfield Urban Farm